2011-2016 Volkswagen Touareg, Porsche Cayenne recalled for brake flaw: 135,000 vehicles affected


This morning, sibling brands VW and Porsche issued recalls for 2011-2016 models of the VW Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne. According the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some of those vehicles may suffer from a problem with their brakes that could dramatically affect drivers’ ability to slow their vehicles.

The problem is rooted in the brake pedal, which may be missing an important clip on the brake pedal hinge. Without that clip in place, the pedal hinge could eventually crack, allowing the pedal itself to be dislodged. If the pedal moves from its proper position, it might be difficult or impossible for a driver to apply the brakes.

The good news is that only two vehicles have experienced this problem–one Cayenne, one Tourareg–and neither was registered in the U.S. However, an investigation shows that up to one percent of the vehicles affected by these recalls could suffer from the same issue.

The recall affects 88,300 Porsche Cayenne vehicles built between April 28, 2010 and January 11, 2016. An additional 46,700 VW Touaregs are also included.

VW and Porsche will mail out recall notices, asking owners to take their vehicles to an appropriate dealership for service. Dealers will inspect the brake pedal assembly and install any clips that might be missing.

If you own one of these vehicles and have further questions, you’re encouraged to contact Porsche customer service at 800-767-7243 and ask about recall AG02,or call VW customer service at 800-893-5298 and inquire about recall #46G4. If you prefer, you can also contact NHTSA at 888-327-4236 and ask about safety campaigns #16V169000 (Porsche) and #16V170000 (VW).

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