2018 Hyundai Azera set for handsome new look

A new generation of the Hyundai Azera is set to go on sale in Korea in November. Hyundai is yet to reveal the car but we’ve been treated with a taste of its design via a series of teaser sketches.

The new Azera looks to be adopting a handsome design complete with the “cascading” grille that made its debut on the latest i30 hatchback. Meanwhile, the internals will once again be shared with Kia’s Cadenza.

We can expect a front-wheel-drive layout and a V-6 engine matching the outgoing model’s 293 horsepower. Look for Hyundai’s new front-wheel-drive-specific 8-speed automatic transmission to be fitted as standard.

The new Azera’s availability in the United States is yet to be confirmed but we’ll likely see it here in the second half of 2017, as a 2018 model. Pricing should lie close to the outgoing model’s $34k starting figure.

It’s possible we’ll see the car at November’s 2016 Los Angeles auto show.  

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