2019 Mercedes-AMG C63 gets numerous updates, but no extra power

Mercedes-Benz pulled back the wraps from its updated 2019 C-Class earlier this month at the 2018 Geneva auto show. Now it’s time for Mercedes-AMG to step into the spotlight, because the 2018 New York auto show stage is where we get a taste of the updated C63 side of the family.

What’s in store for the brash luxury brawler? A new gearbox, more aggressive bodywork, improved driving dynamics, and an upgraded interior space. AMG has a healthy amount of “new” for this updated car, which also arrives for 2019.

While the engine under the hood of both the C63 and C63 S remains the same, there’s now a 9-speed automatic backing them up. Between the sharp fenders sits a now familiar 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine. This mill produces 469 horsepower or 503 horsepower if you opt to add that S badging on the tail end. Should you do that, you’ll find that the run from 0-60 mph takes just 3.8 seconds. Aiding in that run is the aforementioned auto. This unit replaces the previous 7-speed auto, and it’s been specifically tuned for fun. In Sport and Sport+ modes, you’ll see faster shift times as well as the 9-speed actually holding gears for longer.

AMG looked to reshape portions of the bodywork on the 2019 C63, too. This has been achieved through an AMG-specific radiator trim, front bumper sections, and aggressive side skirts. Out back, the C63 features reworked exhaust outlet trim finished in high-gloss chrome. The C63 S adds a diffuser. If you need even more angry on your AMG, you can opt for the Aerodynamics Package. Now you’ll find a front splitter, spoiler lip with an integrated Gurney flap, even more aggressive side skirts, and a diffuser. These are all finished in high-gloss black.

While the outside is clearly upping the anger, the inside looks towards luxurious refinement. New wood finish styles exist in Gray Oak and Natural-Grain Walnut, while you can still swap that out for carbon fiber and aluminum. You’ll want to check the box for the optional Performance seats. Not only do they offer improved lateral support over the stock thrones, but AMG have fitted them with three levels of climate control. That means that when you’re sliding the car through some on-track turns, you can make sure your behind is either toasty warm or cool as can be.

There will be no shortage of information heading your way. Through the onboard telematics system, AMG has a special menu that’s able to provide a wealth of data should you desire to know what your C63 is doing. A warm-up mode displays engine and transmission oil temperatures, so you can clearly see when your car is ready for throttle-stomping fun. A G-Force indicator provides feedback on just how far you’re pushing that throttle-stomping fun. There’s a race timer to see how quickly your ripping around your favorite track, and your AMG Race Pace can be displayed right in the optional HUD.

In fact, that display is capable of showing you some very important information related to a given circuit. By ordering the optional AMG Track Pack, the HUD will show you a graphic of the circuit itself. This comes complete with braking points, sector times, and overall lap times.

So you better take a firm grip on the wheel if you plan to utilize that system. Of course, AMG figured you would so the designers and engineers have crafted a new steering wheel for the C63. Since it’s a sporty steering wheel, it comes with the requisite flat-bottom styling. More interestingly, however, is the optional AMG Drive Unit setup. If selected, you’ll find an integrated display behind the right-hand spoke of the steering wheel itself. From here you can select various AMG driving programs, which will be shown to you directly from this display.

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