2024 Lucid Air: Revamped Grand Touring range leader coming soon

Lucid on Tuesday announced a number of changes to the 2024 Lucid Air lineup, which now starts at $78,900 with destination.

That base price is $5,000 lower than before, but that’s because all-wheel drive is no longer standard on the base Air Pure model. The Pure launched with all-wheel drive, but a rear-wheel drive version that launched in October is now the base model. The single-motor version makes 430 hp and retains the previous 88-kwh battery pack, affording an EPA-rated 419-mile range that outdoes anything in the Tesla Model S lineup (and is slightly higher than what Lucid previously announced).

That makes the Air Touring the cheapest model to offer all-wheel drive. Starting at $87,400 with destination, it has 620 hp and a 92-kwh pack that affords an EPA-rated 411 miles of range.

2024 Lucid Air

2024 Lucid Air

A revamped Air Grand Touring model is on the way, with pricing and range to be announced in early 2024. The 819-hp Grand Touring gets an updated dual-motor powertrain with better thermal performance that will allow longer periods of “spirited driving,” Lucid claims. It will make use of lessons learned from the defunct Air Grand Touring Performance model.

The high-performance Lucid Air Sapphire has also joined the lineup at $250,500, with what many consider to be performance that beats the Tesla Model S Plaid—albeit at a much higher price. A 1,234-hp tri-motor powertrain enables 0-60 mph in 1.89 seconds, 0-100 mph in 3.84 seconds, and a 205-mph top speed. Lucid also anticipates 427 miles of range.

Lucid has also reshuffled availability of some individual features. A glass roof is now a $4,000 option on Touring and Grand Touring models, while the darkened Stealth package returns as a $1,750 option on Airs with a metal roof and a $3,500 option on Airs with a glass roof.

2024 Lucid Air

2024 Lucid Air

While the Air beats the Model S and range and—in Sapphire trim, at least—performance, it’s been disadvantaged by fluctuating prices. Lucid raised prices in May 2022, but that hike mostly didn’t stick. Still, Tesla, cut prices on the Model S at several points this past year, allowing it to undercut Lucid.

In place of a tax credit, Lucid has also been applying a $7,500 “credit” courtesy of the federal government to help incentivize leases, and while that might be a loophole some politicians want to see closed, at present there’s no reason why that won’t also continue.

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