206-mph Drako GTE electric super sedan drops cover

Silicon Valley performance EV startup Drako Motors lifted the cover off of its upcoming GTE sport sedan on Friday at Monterey Car Week, giving us our first glimpse of the company’s vision for a four-door performance car with 1,200 horsepower.

Yes, you read that correctly. Power comes from four permanent magnet hybrid synchronous motors each producing a peak 300 horsepower; each is mated to a direct-drive gearbox, which allows for advanced four-wheel torque vectoring. The juice is supplied by a 90-kilowatt-hour, 450-volt battery pack.

The Drako GTE comes in two flavors—your run-of-the-mill street variant and the GTE Track Edition. Both come with 21-inch wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires cocooning Brembo carbon-ceramic brake rotors with six-piston calipers up front; and four-piston in the rear. The brake rotors measure 15.6 inches across. The suspension for both is provided by Öhlins, but the Track Edition boasts a four-way adjustable setup.

Track Edition buyers also get a second set of lightweight, 20-inch wheels and up-rated tires intended specifically for track use. Surprisingly, the track tires are actually slightly narrower than the street setup, but they’re Michelin’s super-sticky Pilot Sport Cup 2—a dedicated extreme-performance summer compound.

Drako GTE sport sedan

Drako GTE sport sedan

Both models have an on-board 15-kilowatt charging system and are compatible with 150-kw DC fast chargers (no proprietary setup required); Track Edition models get supplementary battery cooling to improve discharge and recharge rates (not to mention long-term battery life).

Drako claims the GTE will be as much a luxury sedan as it will be a performance machine, and promises an interior with hand-crafted elements made from premium materials.

What will all this cost? Try upwards of $1,000 per horsepower on for size. Yep, the Drako GTE is expected to retail for $1.25 million, and the company intends to keep the production run incredibly small as well—just 25 units worldwide. Deposits are being accepted, with deliveries to begin in 2020.

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