Alfa Romeo to build one-off 4C to celebrate 10th anniversary

It was at the 2013 Geneva auto show that the Alfa Romeo 4C was first shown to the world, in production guise.

Now, ten years on, Alfa Romeo wants to mark that milestone with a special one-off version dubbed the 4C Designer’s Cut, the brand announced Wednesday.

The car hasn’t been built yet, though. Its bespoke design is being handled by the Reloaded by Creators program of the Stellantis Heritage department, with Alfa Romeo designer Alessandro Maccolini overseeing the project.

Alfa Romeo also wants to get its fans involved with three potential design styles, 4C Tributo, 4C Corsa, and 4C Leggenda, to help inspire feedback from fans. The fans will be able to provide the feedback via the Heritage department’s various communication channels, Alfa Romeo said.

2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia

2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia

“Over the years I had some first-hand experience with Alfa Romeo clubs and I had the opportunity to see many versions of the 4C, with various types of paint jobs and some finely tuned configurations,” Maccolini said in a statement. “That’s why I would like to get the fans involved in this project as well and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 4C together in a truly special one-off.”

The Reloaded by Creators is a restoration and restomod service operated by Stellantis (and previously Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) since 2018. The program seeks out models it deems as classics—or in the case of the 4C, a future classic—and then restores the cars before selling them off to collectors.

The 4C’s production run lasted through 2020. The car impresses in many ways but it is not without its flaws. It’s a sports car with supercar looks and exclusivity, and with its price tag originally starting in the $50,000 range, most mere mortals could afford one. Unfortunately the recipe didn’t work out for Alfa Romeo, as annual sales in the U.S. were stuck in the low three figures throughout the 4C’s short life.

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