Audi and DHL team up to deliver to your car's boot

Audi has decided to tackle the age-old problem of how to deliver a parcel when you aren’t home using its clever automotive tech. Partnering with German courier firm DHL, Audi has come up with the concept of allowing temporary access to your car’s boot for the delivery driver.

It’s designed to prevent the often frustrating issue of delivery drivers leaving parcels scattered around your garden or not delivering them at all. The technology works with Audi’s keyless entry system, standard on most of its latest models.

Audi A6 Ultra S line rear

The feature allows the driver to input a temporary authorization code that will remotely open the boot for a period of time, allowing parcels to be slipped inside for you to pick up when you’re home. ‘Audi Easy Connect Delivery’ then ensures the boot is securely closed.

Audi even promises customers will eventually be able to send parcels off through DHL the same way. Thieves hacking in is obviously the biggest concern, but Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, head of Technical Development, insists that “security of the car and of customer data has top priority” 

Audi and DHL will be trialling the service in a pilot scheme this May in Munich, Germany. It’s not clear when exactly it will roll out globally, but if it works the tech won’t require too much alteration from the current keyless system.

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