Aznom Palladium all-terrain luxury sedan mines for rich adventurers

Italian vehicle customizer Aznom is coming out with its own bespoke vehicle—a large, luxurious sedan capable of driving both on and off the road.

In case you’ve forgotten, this is the company that in 2018 unveiled a fully bespoke Ram 1500 costing $263,000. We suspect Aznom will dial the luxury factor even higher for its own model.

Aznom’s sedan is called the Palladium, and it looks to blend elements of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley Flying Spur and even the Lamborghini Urus in its design. Responsible for the design was Alessandro Camorali of Camal Studio in Turin, Italy.

Aznom Palladium

Aznom Palladium

The sedan will have a height of more than 6.5 feet and will stretch almost 20 feet, making it bigger than just about any other sedan on the road. Inside will be seating for four, with ample space for each occupant.

Pickup truck underpinnings are likely to be found in the Palladium, judging by the proportions and the almost vertical center stack.

We’ll have more details soon as the covers will come off during the Milano Monza Open Air Motor Show, running October 29 to November 1 in Milan, Italy.

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