Best April Fools Day jokes by car brands

Car manufacturers are giant, faceless corporate behemoths with a complete sense-of-humour bypass from the boardroom down, right? Well, yes and no. Sometimes a loose cannon in the PR department decides to show the human side of a global car brand and April Fools’ Day is a surprisingly popular time to do it.

Despite what you might have guessed, car manufacturers love an April Fools’ Day joke. Their pranks usually take the form of a spurious advert or press release about some unlikely new model or technology breakthrough.

These pun-laden flights of fancy then lie in wait for any unsuspecting person who’s failed to check their calendar or consume the requisite gallon of coffee on April 1st morning.

There’s a cluster of new April Fools’ Day efforts from car companies every year and while some are scarcely worthy of the term ‘joke’, others live long in the memory. These are the best April Fools Day jokes from car companies, as wistfully remembered by the team at Auto Express…

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