Car Advertising Campaign of the Year 2015: Honda Civic Type R 'The Other Side'

Honda has a rich history of innovative advertising campaigns, so it was no surprise it pulled out all the stops for the public unveiling of the new Civic Type R.

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The novel online ad is called ‘The Other Side’ and was created by the Wieden + Kennedy London Agency, directed by Daniel Wolfe. It highlights the differences in character between the normal Civic and the Type R, plus the transformative effect of hitting the R button on the latter’s dash.

New Honda Civic Type R 2015 front

Essentially it tells the story of a man who uses a standard Civic and the racy Type R to lead a thrilling double life. By day, he is a sensible family man ferrying children around, while by night he’s a crime-fighting undercover cop screeching around in a high-powered hot hatch.

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You can watch both ads back-to-back, but press and hold the ‘r’ button on your keyboard and you can flick instantly between the two stories as they run in parallel. A brilliant idea, perfectly executed.

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