Car couture: luxury luggage made from Porsche 911s, vintage Cadillacs, more

MariClaRo weekender bag made from a 1952 Mercedes W186 - 300 Adenauer Cabriolet

MariClaRo weekender bag made from a 1952 Mercedes W186 – 300 Adenauer Cabriolet

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If you follow fashion news, you might’ve noticed that Cadillac signed on as the first-ever automotive sponsor of New York Fashion Week for men. But Cadillac cars are making a fashion splash in other ways, too: they’re being recycled into high-end bags by Canada’s MariClaRo.

MariClaRo isn’t the first company to take that approach. The beloved Freitag brand has been repurposing inner tubes, seatbelts, and other auto parts for over 20 years. But while Freitag’s bags and wallets have a rough, DIY look, MariClaRo takes seat leather, buckles, and belts to create very refined–and sometimes, very pricey–accessories.

Also, MariClaRo is very focused on making sure customers feel like they’re purchasing something unique, especially when it comes to items in its Drive Collection:  

“We are transforming vintage luxury car interiors from Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Cadillac and others in unique accessory pieces. Each accessory has the make, model, year and mileage of the vehicle etched in the car seat leather used to create it. You are really carrying a piece of automotive history. All pieces are individually handmade in our studio in Snow Road Station, Canada!”

Most of those items are priced between $300 and $400–on the high end if you’re looking for a disposable piece of luggage to get you through one long trip abroad, but otherwise in line with prices of other well-made bags.

However, there are more expensive items up for grabs–for example, the weekend bag pictured above made from a 64-year-old Cadillac:

“This unique weekender is made from the original leather seats of a 1952 Mercedes W186 – 300 Adenauer Cabriolet. Every design from our Drive Collection is a one of a kind piece transforming vintage luxury car interiors in contemporary accessory art. Each piece has engraved the history of the material we used.”

The good news is that its $1,299 pricetag is in Canadian dollars. The bad news is, that still works out to $1,003 in US currency. 

If you’ve got that kind of cash laying around and a vacation coming up, you can click through various bags made from old Audis, BMWs, Volvos, and more in MariClaRo’s Drive Collection. There are also some less pricey wallets, messenger bags, and briefcases built from airline fabric and other materials.

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