Chinese copycat cars

The Chinese car industry is a very big deal. In 2013, China produced a whopping 18.7 million cars, which equates to 22.7 per cent of global car production for that year. Many of those models were from brands familiar to western car buyers, some were from companies we’ve never heard but it’s a third group we’re interested in here. These are cars we’ve never heard of that still seem to look strangely familiar, these are the Chinese copycat cars.

Shanghai Motor Show 2015: news round-up

Chinese domestic car brands have a less than proud history of copying car designs from other manufacturers. Some are blatant rip-offs others are more subtle homages to the original.  From MINI lookalikes to cut-price Range Rover Evoques and even an attempt at the grandeur of a Rolls-Royce, we’ve picked out some of the closest imitations and put them side-by-side with their doppelgangers. 

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