Dacia Sandero RenaultSport on the cards

Renault’s budget sub-brand Dacia is working on a hot range-topping version of the Sandero. A new teaser video shows a Renault-badged Sandero with a makeover from Renaultsport, the performance kings behind the Nürburgring-busting Megane 275 Trophy R.

Previous spyshots have also show Dacia testing a hotter Sandero prototype, but there’s bad news for those hoping for a cut-price road rocket heading to our shores: The Renault Sandero RS is set to be an emerging market car only, for Russia and Brazil.

This Sandero’s bodywork is all standard as it’s only a test mule, but hot hatch clues come in the form of 17-inch alloy wheels from the Renault Clio GT, and disc brakes at the rear – regular Sanderos only get rear drums to keep costs down.

This Sandero is also sporting a crudely extended exhaust pipe, hinting at changes to the powertrain, while the teser video shows new LED running lights. and a more aggressive front bumper design.