Dartz bringing Prombron Black Shark to 2016 Cannes Film Festival, launching apparel range

Following the success of its Kombat line of SUVs, widely recognized as some of the most expensive, most obnoxious and most oversized passenger vehicles ever sold, Dartz is ready to launch a successor.

The successor is the PRVY, which will be sold under Dartz’s Prombron brand. And the first PRVY will be a model dubbed the Black Shark. Just five Black Sharks will be built and each will command a seven-figure price tag.

We’ve already been given a taste of the Black Shark in the form of several official renderings. Now the Latvian company  has confirmed that the vehicle will make its world debut during the  2016 Cannes Film Festival in mid-May. And to help kick off the launch, Latvian model Viktorija Nicole, who starred as one of the Dartz-driving virgin guards in the 2012 comedy The Dictator, will be on hand to present the vehicle.

To create the Black Shark, Dartz takes a Mercedes-Benz GLS as the donor and then modifies it to the hilt. The company boasts that the process is likely melding a GLS with a Mercedes-Maybach S600. Buyers of the Black Shark will be able to choose either a V-8 or V-12, with power options ranging as high as 1,500 horsepower.

The good news is that soon you won’t have to be a multimillionaire to own your own Dartz. The company is launching an apparel range that will mostly consist of leather goods developed with Italy’s Kolonial Touch, which is led by artisan Giuseppe Lucente. We’re told whale penis is no longer an option at the company but you can still expect some over-the-top touches. For example, thread made from real gold will be used for the stitching. There will also be military-inspired elements such as badges and pins.

The new apparel range will be launched alongside the Black Shark in Cannes.


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