Electric-car intender Faraday Future wants 2nd factory, in California this time

Chinese-backed startup Faraday Future still hasn’t released details of its first production electric car, but it’s already eyeing a second factory.

Faraday is moving ahead with plans for a factory in North Las Vegas, Nevada, and has said it plans to start car production within two years.

While the company would seem to have many challenges ahead before it can meet that goal, it is now reportedly making plans for a facility in California as well.

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Faraday is seeking approval from the city of Vallejo—about 20 miles north of San Francisco—to use a 157-acre parcel for car manufacturing and other purposes, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The facility would be located on Mare Island, formerly home to a large U.S. naval shipyard.

The location is far north of Faraday’s current headquarters in Gardena, California, but closer to Silicon Valley and its tech industry.

At the groundbreaking for Faraday Future's production facility in North Las Vegas (April 13, 2016)

At the groundbreaking for Faraday Future’s production facility in North Las Vegas (April 13, 2016)

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Faraday’s proposed facility would include not only an electric-car factory, but also offices and a “customer experience and delivery center,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

As with its first site in Nevada, Faraday hopes to begin car production in California within two years.

That’s an ambitious goal, especially considering that it must be juggled with Faraday’s ongoing Nevada factory project.

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Faraday has said it will spend $1 billion on the Nevada factory, but will not discuss a price tag for the California factory at this time.

The company recently received a $12.7 million tax credit from the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, also known as Go-Biz.

The credit was secured with the understanding that Faraday would create jobs in California, but it is not directly linked to the Mare Island project.

Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept, unveiled at 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas

Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept, unveiled at 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas

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If Faraday successfully completes a California factory, it will have a bit of company.

While restrictive environmental laws would seem to make California less than ideal for car manufacturing, the Golden State is proving attractive for electric-car makers.

Tesla already operates a factory in Fremont that currently assembles all of its electric cars.

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Karma Automotive plans to open a brand-new factory in Moreno Valley to build the Revero luxury sedan that was formerly known as the Fisker Karma.

That car was manufactured under contract by Valmet Automotive in Finland during 2012, before Fisker Automotive declared bankruptcy and was purchased by a Chinese auto-parts maker.

While it became Karma Automotive, the company still owns an empty former GM plant in Wilmington, Delaware, that it has never used.


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