Ferrari FXX K Evo wind tunnel model makes cool display piece

The Ferrari FXX K Evo is an extreme track machine launched in 2017 as an evolution of the LaFerrari-based FXX K.

Production was limited to a few dozen units, most of them simply upgraded versions of the FXX K. Only Ferrari’s most loyal customers were invited to buy one, and while the cars sometimes turn up on the used car market, multiple millions are required to own one.

For die-hard fans on more limited budgets, an original FXX K Evo scale model used for wind tunnel testing would make for a cool display piece in an office or garage or even at home.

It’s set to be auctioned off by RM Sotheby’s at its sale in Paris, France, scheduled for Jan. 31, 2024. It will be offered without reserve. The pre-auction estimate is between 280,000 and 320,000 euros (approximately $309,000 and $354,000), or enough to buy a pretty decent genuine Ferrari.

Ferrari FXX K Evo wind tunnel test model - Photo credit: RM Sotheby's

Ferrari FXX K Evo wind tunnel test model – Photo credit: RM Sotheby’s

The wind test model is half the size of the actual FXX K Evo and was used for final aerodynamic development for the V-12-powered track car. It sits on a base plate measuring approximately 30 square feet, and looks to feature real carbon fiber for part of its construction.

The actual FXX K Evo features a V-12-based hybrid powertrain with 1,035 hp, the same rating as the standard FXX K. The Evo also gained a host of aerodynamic and downforce upgrades, all brought to life from Ferrari’s motorsports learnings. The downforce measures 1,410 pounds at 124 mph and 1,830 pounds at the car’s limit, thanks mostly to the twin-profile fixed wing whose design was extensively tested with scale models like this one.

It’s not unusual for original development pieces from Ferrari to turn up for sale. Ferrari prototype vehicles have even turned up at auctions, with three for the LaFerrari having surfaced only last year.

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