First Salotto Ferrari opens its doors

Ferrari [NYSE:F] is on a mission to transform itself from a maker of some of the world’s finest autos to something more of a lifestyle brand. This way the company can tap people that may not necessarily be looking to buy one of its cars. (Pleasing shareholders with continual growth isn’t easy when your business model depends on limiting production.)

We’ve already seen the company open retail outlets for fashion and designer goods, and theme parks for families to enjoy. Now Ferrari has opened the first of its Salotto brand experience centers, located at the Four Seasons Resort at Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Restaurant Village.

Salotto is Italian for “lounge” and that’s what Ferrari wants you to think of its own Salotto. Here, Ferrari hopes high net worth individuals based in the Middle East will experience the brand and the style, design and elegance behind it.

Ferrari describes its Salotto as a place to meet up with friends, sit down and have a coffee, and relax while browsing some of the company’s publications and limited edition products. The Salotto will also be the venue for high-profile events and gatherings.

There will be cars, too. Guests will be able to view the cars up close and arrange for test drives. Ferrari will have its own hot shoes present to give guests a taste of what the cars can really do.

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