Fisker to reveal details on “close to $40,000” EV on March 18

It’s been almost two years since reborn electric car startup Fisker showed us the EMotion, a svelte sedan promised with a 400-mile range and $130,000 price tag.

Fisker doesn’t appear to be any closer to having the car in production but the company is already keen to show us another model in the works.

Fisker founder and namesake Henrik Fisker on Friday posted to social media part of a teaser shot of a car he described as having a targeted price tag of “close to $40,000.” The full teaser along with the first details on the car will be revealed on March 18, just four days after Tesla is set to reveal its Model Y.

Fisker EMotion

Fisker EMotion

The mystery Fisker is thought to be a small SUV just like the Model Y. Not much else is known about the car but last October we heard that it will match the 400-mile range of Fisker’s EMotion, though its doubtful that such a range will be offered at the near $40,000 price tag being touted by Fisker.

The 400-mile range rating is for a 140-kilowatt-hour LG Chem lithium-ion pack which Fisker plans to use until the company develops its own solid-state batteries offering superior range and charging possibilities. Other automakers, including Toyota, have announced plans for EVs with solid-state batteries, though these won’t arrive until around the middle of the next decade.

It isn’t clear when Fisker will have its second model in production. The EMotion was originally due to start production in 2019 but Fisker has pushed the date back to 2020.

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