Ford previews upcoming self-driving technologies

Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] has promised to deliver a self-driving car within five years. It will have Level 4 self-driving capability, meaning it can drive on its own but is limited on where it can go due to a reliance on mapping data. Level 4 self-driving cars can also be upset by severe weather. (A more capable, Level 5 car that can completely replace a human will come in 2025, Ford says.)

In the interim, Ford will roll out partial self-driving features for its cars, similar to what brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Tesla [NSDQ:TSLA] and Volvo have already done.

On Thursday, the Blue Oval previewed the first of these new features which it said will be available within the next two years. They’re designed to ease parking hassles, improve collision avoidance, detect objects in the road and prevent wrong-way driving and build on existing features such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, rear cross traffic alert and blind spot detection.

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