Jannarelly teases hard-top option for Design-1 sports car

Sports car startup Jannarelly is bowing to popular demand for an enclosed version of its Design-1 roadster, with the company teasing the design in a pair of computer-generated images.

Jannarelly hasn’t said whether the roof on the Design-1 coupe will be removable, but does state that it will be made from carbon fiber. The company plans to release more details in January, 2017.

The Design-1 is a lightweight sports car penned by Anthony Jannarelly, a French designer also responsible for the aggressive lines of the $3.4 million W Motors Lykan Hypersport. It is the first product of his eponymous Jannarelly, which is based in Dubai. Power in the car comes from a 3.5-liter V-6 sourced from Nissan.

Jannarelly had hoped to start deliveries of the 300-horsepower Design-1 in the United States in November. However, late changes made to the design, such as the inclusion of an enclosed version, have led to delays. Other changes include the option of a glass windshield and an upgrade of the front suspension to fit inboard shock absorbers.

Jannarelly’s distributer in the U.S. is VanDouble Enterprises. Orders for the car can be made via the website www.jannarellyusa.com.

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