Kia Telluride Concept Interior Teased Before Detroit Debut

Following the surprise teaser image of a large Kia SUV concept earlier this week, Kia is back with a second teaser image, this time depicting the interior of the now-named Kia Telluride concept that’s coming to next week’s Detroit auto show.

The first photo revealed a blocky and aggressive exterior, with a swept-back rear profile not too far removed from what we have come to expect from modern Range Rovers. While no specific details were provided with the first car, Kia says the truck-like concept will feature “bold” new design language, along with as-of-yet unexplained “health and wellness technology.”

Kia SUV Concept Detroit Teaser

The second teaser is a full shot of the front section of the interior, and includes a detailed look at the dashboard and center console. Three screens compose the majority of the available controls, including a large screen that serves as the gauge cluster, an integrated infotainment screen in the center of the dash, and a small, thin screen toward the bottom of the console that offers climate controls.

This interior integrates what Kia claims is its first use of 3D printed materials. Kia does not specifically say what components in the interior are 3D printed, but promises that these elements will add a “distinct, modern design.”

The concept is most likely meant to preview a three-row crossover for future production, will will probably butt heads with the Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer, and Toyota Highlander. Want a true body-on-frame SUV from a Korean manufacturer? Look elsewhere, as the Telluride is most likely built on a modified Kia Sedona platform.

The Kia Telluride makes its official debut at the 2016 Detroit auto show next week.

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