Lamborghini shows Aventador successor's carbon-fiber chassis

Lamborghini is just weeks away from revealing a successor to the Aventador, a V-12 plug-in hybrid code-named the LB744. On Tuesday, the automaker provided a look at the car’s rolling chassis.

The chassis features a carbon-fiber monocoque structure, just like the Aventador, but new elements like a carbon-fiber front frame and Formula 1-style carbon-fiber front crash cones that help boost torsional stiffness and also save weight.

According to Lamborghini, the LB744’s chassis, which features the aeronautics-inspired name of monofuselage, features a torsional stiffness 25% higher than in the Aventador but a weight that’s 10% lighter. Most of the weight savings come from the new carbon-fiber front frame, which Lamborghini said is 20% lighter than the aluminum frame used in the Aventador.

Further weight savings come from a carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic ring structure that forms the central supporting structure of the car. The single piece, which encloses and connects the central passenger tub, front firewall, and A-pillar supports, replaces several separate pieces on the Aventador.