Lamborghini Telemetry X promises remote driver coaching

Lamborghini is looking at various digital tools to help hone a driver’s skills on the racetrack, and has previewed one of the more promising at 2024 CES currently underway in Las Vegas.

The automaker showed a system known as Telemetry X, which takes information from a performance data recorder and combines this with biometric data to provide insight on how to improve lap times.

It also takes things to the next level by putting the driver in contact with a remote driver coach who can provide live feedback and suggestions, using fast 5G connections to ensure the driver coach has access to real-time information.

Telemetry X also includes a digital voice assistant that can provide useful pointers, example for improving racing lines and braking points, using information gathered from the vehicle’s performance data recorder and from the driver’s biometrics.

Lamborghini Telemetry X concept

Lamborghini Telemetry X concept

Key biometric data used includes heart rate, temperature, and breathing, which Lamborghini said provide useful references on how a driver can refine his or her training.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann presented Telemetry X at CES in the company’s new Revuelto supercar. He said at the presentation that such a system is a preview of the connected services Lamborghini customers will be able to experience “in the coming years.”

The V-12 plug-in hybrid supercar is already on sale, priced from just over $600,000. Anyone placing an order today will face a lengthy wait time on delivery as the car’s build slots are already allocated for the next two years.

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