Lexus RZ F trademark hints at high-performance electric SUV

Lexus applied for trademark protection with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on February 1 for the name RZ F, hinting that a high-performance version of the RZ electric compact crossover may be in the works.

Lexus has also already toyed with the idea of a high-performance RZ. It rolled out the RZ Sport concept in 2023 and that concept has already spawned a production model dubbed the RZ 450e Special Edition F Sport Performance.

The special-edition RZ was presented at last month’s 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon. It keeps the RZ 450e’s stock 313-hp power rating but adds aerodynamic and suspension upgrades designed to improve track performance.

Only 100 examples are planned, and all of them are earmarked for the Japanese market.

Lexus RZ Sport concept

Lexus RZ Sport concept

Lexus isn’t shy about more serious performance in an electric vehicle. An electric supercar is currently in the works and previewed with the Electrified Sport concept in 2021.

Both Lexus and Toyota are also planning to use software to simulate a manual transmission in some of their future EVs.

However, a trademark application is no indication of production plans. Automakers often mark moves to trademark new names, designs or symbols merely to protect them. And Lexus hasn’t launched a dedicated F performance vehicle since the RC F a decade ago. Rather, it’s chosen to launch tamer F Sport models, like the special-edition RZ planned for Japan, as well as the V-8-powered IS 500 F Sport Performance that launched in the U.S. in 2021.

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