Mahindra boss hints at upcoming Pininfarina electric supercar

Ever since India’s Mahindra conglomerate bought Italian design house Pininfarina last winter, the rumor mill has been running especially wild. Now, Mahindra’s CEO has indicated that a Pininfarina-badged supercar with a fully electric powertrain may be on the way. 

British automotive magazine Auto Express reports that the electrified supercar would be Pininfarina’s first road-going vehicle not commissioned for someone else, whether a private buyer or a large automaker. Mahindra itself has invested heavily in electrified vehicles, including an electric runabout sold in Europe and designed specifically for tight spaces. Additionally, Mahindra is a major competitor in Formula E, the FIA’s all-electric car racing series. 

It isn’t clear just what Mahindra has in mind for an electric car badged as a Pininfarina, but the British magazine speculates that the car could be the first bonafide rival to Tesla if Mahindra chooses a more practical sedan shape over an attention-grabbing supercar.

Pininfarina has had a hand in creating electric supercar show cars like the H2 Speed (pictured) that it built for a Swiss firm and then displayed at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. That car featured a combination of electric motors and a hydrogen fuel cell in an effort to provide low-guilt sports car thrills. Something like that wouldn’t be bound for showrooms unless it could be marketed as an ultra mega-buck hypercar, however. 

So, there are three possibilities here. First, this could just be wishful thinking, Second, Auto Express could be right and this car could be a real Tesla rival. Third, and perhaps most likely given the statement by Mahindra’s CEO, we will get a Pininfarina electric supercar. How this plays out should be fun to watch.

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