McLaren 650S successor (P14) coming next year?

McLaren 650S first drive. Photo by Michael Crenshaw Photography.

McLaren 650S first drive. Photo by Michael Crenshaw Photography.

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McLaren’s 650S has only been with us since 2014 but a successor is said to be coming soon.

According to Autocar, the 650S’s successor, code-named the P14, will debut next year, possibly as early as March’s Geneva Motor Show.

It will be first of 15 new models under McLaren’s Track22 business plan announced at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

However, it won’t be adopting McLaren’s next-generation carbon fiber tub and powertrain. Instead, it will stick with the current tub and twin-turbocharged V-8 found in the 650S and most other McLarens.

There will be significant differences, though. McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt has told Autocar that the 650S successor will feature tweaks to the tub similar to those used to improve accessibility in the Sports Series, such as the larger door opening and lower sills.

Performance will also be improved to further increase the gap between the Super and Sports Series ranges. In this regard, look for improvements in power and aerodynamics.

The 650S successor is also expected to introduce the next evolutionary step of McLaren’s design language. Chief designer Frank Stephenson has previously stated the car will have a more radical look than even the P1, and in his latest comments to Autocar has revealed that powerful LEDs mean a new concept for the face of the car. In addition, the car is said to be adopting a new, more intuitive layout for its cabin.

Beyond the 650S successor, we can look forward to a convertible being added to the Sports Series range, and possibly a high-end model, code-named the P15, to fill the fill the void between the top Super Series model (675LT) and entry-level Ultimate Series model (P1).


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