McLaren 720S Spider revealed: Meet the latest topless supercar

McLaren’s 720S supercar has turned out to be a bit of a heavy hitter, with the car able to keep up and in some cases outmatch pricier, more powerful competition.

Now McLaren has added a Spider convertible option to its supercar made by science. It joins the original coupe and Track Package options in showrooms in March 2019, priced from $315,000.

The 720S Spider features a retractable hardtop roof just like its 650S Spider predecessor, effectively making it a coupe when its roof is up. The roof is a one-piece carbon fiber unit that can be lowered or raised in just 11 seconds at speeds of up to 31 mph. Buyers can choose to have an electrochromic glass panel fitted to provide a sense of openness even when the roof is raised.