Mercedes GLE arrives in New York to tackle the BMW X5

Mercedes’ new BMW X5 rival not only has a whole new look but a new name to go with it. This is the Mercedes GLE – formerly ML – and it joins the swooping GLE Coupe in the revamped Mercedes SUV lineup. The new car was revealed at the New York Motor Show 2015 with Mercedes saying it has reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 17 per cent on average as well as introduced a new plug-in hybrid GLE 500e 4 MATIC version for the first time.

To bring its best-selling SUV in line with the current crop of models, Mercedes’ new design DNA has been sprinkled over the GLE. A pair of swept-back LED headlamps with daytime running lights have been borrowed from the S-Class and flank the wide, two-bar chrome grille.

The shark-fin style C-pillar which has survived since its conception on the first-generation model in 1997 remains at the rear, with the integrated side window. More curvaceous wings and flared wheelarches have also been bolted on.

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Four, six and eight-cylinder engine options remain from the outgoing model, with 436bhp GLE 500e plug-in the latest addition. It features a 328bhp 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine and 114bhp electric motor, which Mercedes claims delivers V8 power and refinement.