Mercedes teases pickup concept ahead of October 25 reveal

Mercedes-Benz is prepped and ready to reveal the mid-size pickup truck which it’s developing on the rugged body-on-frame platform that debuted in 2014 in the Nissan NP300 Navara and since made its way into the Renault Alaskan.

Mercedes’ truck is still a year or two out but we’ll get a preview on October 25 in the form of a concept, teased in the video above. From the teaser, the new truck looks to have a sleek design that’s a bit more Aston Martin than Mercedes, especially with that mesh-pattern grille we get a few glimpses of.

The concept’s reveal is set to go down in an art gallery in Stockholm, Sweden. Nothing says “truck” like an art gallery. Remember when the Dodge Ram was revealed at The Met? That Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] F-150 reveal at LACMA was sensational. Joking aside, the Benz truck should be a bit more luxurious than the standard pickup offerings.

Or will it? Some of today’s trucks are rolling examples of expensive excess. A top-spec pickup has more leather than your average E-Class at the moment, and, thankfully, enough cupholders to keep your crew from revolting on you. Still, Mercedes is the company that brought the world the off-road ready G-Class, even if it is the same company that outfitted it with skinny tires and 21-inch wheels for Rodeo Drive poseurs.

Stay tuned for the concept’s reveal, which you’ll be able to watch live in the video below.