Midwest governors agree on EV charging-network plan

The governors of five Midwestern states are working together on an an EV charging-network plan for the region.

First reported by NPR, the Regional Electric Vehicle Midwest Coalition—REV Midwest—plans to set up charging stations across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

A memorandum of understanding signed by all five governors specifically mentions charging for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, as a way of facilitating economic development in the region.

GM and EVgo expand major-metro fast charging

GM and EVgo expand major-metro fast charging

The document also calls for states to “identify and engage with historically disadvantaged communities” as part of the electrification push.

The states will establish a task force to coordinate their efforts, but no timeline or targets for the number of charging stations has been mentioned so far. It’s also worth noting that the memorandum of understanding is not legally binding, and doesn’t commit the five state governments to next steps.

Announcement of the REV Midwest initiative comes shortly after Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer revealed a plan for wireless charging and a state-funded EV charging network.

GM and EVgo expand major-metro fast charging

GM and EVgo expand major-metro fast charging

These projects, together, will help turn around Michigan’s reputation as being a bit behind on charging and supporting EVs—despite it being the hub of the United States auto industry and not without EV manufacturing.

Michigan may still have some work to do in one other area, though. Despite an earlier legal settlement, Michigan franchise law still prevents Tesla—and, we would assume, Rivian—from selling vehicles directly in the state.

The Midwest project comes about exactly 10 years after West Coast states allied to assure there was infrastructure for long-distance travel in EVs. Those same states are now pursuing a similar effort to support electric commercial trucks.

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