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Skeptics sometimes doubt whether electric vehicles will catch on. They compare them to gas-powered cars, trucks, and SUVs, bemoaning the fact that EVs have shorter driving ranges and higher sticker prices. However, a new study shows that the biggest obstacle standing between EVs and mainstream consumers may really be a lack of information.

New federal big-rig standards promise to cut emissions by 25%, save owners $170 billion

There’s been plenty of talk about the Environmental Protection Agency and its ambitious fuel economy goals for 2025. But those standards only apply to light-duty passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs: what about tractor trailers and other heavy-duty vehicles, which use billions of gallons of gasoline and emit 20 percent of transportation-related greenhouse gases?

Hyundai Sonata Vs. Kia Optima: Compare Cars

In today’s fiercely competitive market for mid-size sedans, shoppers are just as likely to consider the Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima as longer-established nameplates like Accord, Camry, or Malibu.

Volvo and ride-sharing giant Uber have announced plans to join forces in the area of autonomous driving technology.

Following numerous leaks, McLaren has now released full details on its new supercar developed by the MSO personalization department.

As you might guess, Jeremy Clarkson drives a ton of different vehicles. We imagine he’s swapping keys so often it’s hard to keep track of what’s in and out of his driveway. That doesn’t mean that certain cars don’t stand out. Quite the opposite really. When you drive so many different machines, the great ones out against a sea of mediocre to simply good cars.

Production version of VW’s CrossBlue concept to be built in Chattanooga

Production version of VW’s CrossBlue concept to be built in Chattanooga

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From Green Car Reports:

As part of a preliminary settlement over its use illegal “defeat device” software in diesel cars, Volkswagen is expected to pay for new electric-car charging infrastructure.

Utah continues to be a battleground in the state-by-state war between Tesla Motorsand state auto-dealer groups.

It’s the question on hundreds of thousands of VW diesel owners’ minds: what should I do?

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