Mystery Pagani Huayra spotted, is it an R?

Potential Pagani Huayra R, photo via iuri.giova on Instagram

Potential Pagani Huayra R, photo via iuri.giova on Instagram

Pagani has a long-running habit of building limited-edition supercars, and the Italian boutique automaker might be working on the next one.

Instagram user iuri.giova posted photos and video of the camouflaged supercar to the social media site, and it looks like the Pagani Huayra may be in for the R treatment. Recall, the Zonda supercar received an R model back in 2009 with numerous performance upgrades to make it a real monster on the track. Notably, the car featured revised bodywork for better aerodynamics and downforce.

The Huayra shown definitely goes heavy on the aero bits. There’s no missing the massive rear diffuser that spans the entire length of the rear end and juts out in a very aggressive manner. We also spot a scoop that hovers above the roof, likely to direct air into the engine compartment. A tail fin also leads to a rather large wing.

Up front, a splitter adds more aero performance while the body lines are tweaked to be more angular. Vents also sit ahead of the front wheels, likely for cooling purposes. We doubt they’re present for looks alone.

Other than dissecting¬†what we see in the images, we don’t have a hint as to what the full package includes. We can speculate the car will receive the uprated 6.0-liter AMG V-12 engine from the Huayra BC. If it does, expect an output of at least 750 horsepower and 811 pound-feet of torque. Fun fact: the previous Zonda R also produced 750 hp from an AMG-sourced V-12.

We’ll have to wait for details on this hardcore Huayra model, but hopefully, Pagani will reveal the car in the near future. It could be a one-off car for a specific customer, but we suspect it’s a new model.

While Pagani works on this car, take solace knowing a proper Huayra successor is also on the way. It’ll stick with a twin-turbo engine from AMG and a manual transmission, too.

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