New electric motor could eliminate transmissions

Linear Labs Hunstable Electric Turbine motor

Linear Labs Hunstable Electric Turbine motor

It isn’t just batteries that are making big strides in electric cars.

Several companies are also striving to make electric motors more efficient and powerful.

Now a new Texas company claims it has a new motor technology that can generate twice the torque, three times the power, and 10 percent more range for electric cars in the same weight and space as a typical electric motor.

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Linear Labs founders Brad Hunstable and his father call it the radial flux Hunstable Electric Turbine.

The wound motor uses four rotors where most motors use one or two, and current can alter the magnetic field inside the cylindrical stator to vary the ratio of torque to horsepower. “The more rotors you have interacting with the coils, the more power you have,” says CEO Brad Hunstable.

The coils are surrounded on four sides with magnets creating what Hunstable calls a torque tube.