New Toyota Supra will not debut at 2018 Detroit Auto Show

Toyota first confirmed joint-development of a new sports car with BMW way back in 2012. Since then, we’ve seen Toyota’s new sports car, potentially named Supra, testing numerous times, and BMW showed its Z4 concept that previews the fruits of its labor through the partnership. But the reborn Toyota Supra isn’t primed for a 2018 Detroit Auto Show debut—and the company may not even call it Supra after all.

Motor Trend reported on Tuesday that the new sports car isn’t quite ready yet, according to Jack Hollis, Toyota group vice president and general manager of North America. He then dropped another bomb: Supra isn’t a final name.

“There are other names that could be better,” Hollis said.

Toyota could badge the Supra under the Gazoo nameplate in a nod to its Gazoo Racing unit, but the Supra name has seemed like an obvious choice for some time. Perhaps it’s worth noting Toyota renewed the “Celica” trademark this past September as well. The Supra was originally a derivative of the Celica itself.

Toyota first ignited Supra rumors after the FT-1 concept debuted at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, two years after partnering with BMW on the sports car project. Since then, we’ve received trickles of information over powertrains, transmissions, and more. It remains unclear what will sit under the sports car’s hood, but rumors and leaks have suggested an inline-6, a V-6, or a turbocharged inline-4. A manual transmission option is also uncertain. This isn’t the first time Toyota has teased out the debut of an eagerly anticipated new performance model—the Lexus LF A was delayed constantly before it was eventually revealed.

We’ll have to wait awhile longer before Toyota is ready to show its new sports car, but whatever Toyota will call it, it has some big wheel wells to fill.

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