Next-Gen Lincoln MKX to Offer Revel Audio System

The Lincoln Motor Company has partnered with high-end audio company Revel to provide the sound systems for its future cars for the next decade, beginning with the next-gen Lincoln MKX that makes its debut in 2015. With the 10-year new partnership, Lincoln will be the first and only car manufacturer to offer sound systems from Revel. The brand is a premium division of Harman International and is known for expensive home-stereo equipment.

“We’ve waited literally 20 years to find the right OEM to partner with, and I think we’ve found the perfect fit,” Harman global car audio vice president Phil Eyler said at a presentation this week in Detroit.

Lincoln MKX And Revel Audio 3

Revel and Lincoln have worked together from the very beginning of the design of the new Lincoln MKX to optimize the placement of up to 19 speakers that will be available in the top-end Revel Ultima system. The system’s speakers have been carefully placed to ensure that music reaches occupants’ ears at exactly the right time. Rather than putting tweeters in the car’s A-pillars, as is common, Revel and Lincoln located them with mid-range speakers in the door panel, just ahead of the door handles. The speaker grilles will be made from aluminum.

The Revel Ultima will offer three listening modes, selectable through the MyLincoln Touch infotainment system: Stereo, which provides a traditional listening experience; Audience, which is supposed to make “the boundaries of the vehicle seemingly disappear,” for the listener; and On Stage, which moves sounds all around the listener as if he or she were in the middle of the stage with their favorite band.

Lincoln MKX And Revel Audio 5

Few other details have been disclosed thus far about the next-generation Lincoln MKX. The luxury division says the car will launch in 2015 and that it will be the first Lincoln with Revel systems as an option (currently, Lincoln sources premium audio systems from THX). We can expect the next-generation MKX to look extremely similar to the Lincoln MKX concept shown this year in Beijing, while mechanically it will likely share many features with the related 2015 Ford Edge.

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