Nissan Hyper Adventure concept explores a rugged electric SUV

Nissan on Tuesday revealed the Hyper Adventure, the second of four electric vehicle concepts the automaker plans to debut on Oct. 25 at the 2023 Tokyo auto show.

The Hyper Adventure is a rugged SUV that Nissan said has been designed for outdoor lifestyles. It follows the Hyper Urban crossover which, as the name suggests, has been designed for urban lifestyles.

The Hyper Adventure’s design is a lot boxier compared to the Hyper Urban which featured an almost coupe-like profile. However, to ensure it’s still aerodynamically efficient, which is crucial for an EV’s range, the Hyper Adventure features channels to help direct the flow of air. Normal gaps or protruding features found on cars have also been made smooth on the concept, including where the side windows meet the roof.

Access to the cabin is via conventional doors for front-seat passengers and gullwing doors for those sitting at the rear. Up front, information for the driver extends beyond the dash to the bottom of the windshield, a concept BMW plans to introduce in its next-generation EVs. At the rear, Nissan has designed the bench seat so that it can flip backward to provide outdoor seating when the vehicle is parked.

Nissan Hyper Adventure concept

Nissan Hyper Adventure concept

Nissan hasn’t provided any specific details on the platform or powertrain, apart from there being an all-wheel-drive system with Nissan’s e-4ORCE torque vectoring system. The automaker also said there’s bidirectional charging and a large-capacity battery, which will enable the concept to power a campsite or charge electric recreational equipment like dirt bikes or jet skis.

Bidirectional charging would also enable the vehicle to act as energy storage for a home, enabling it to charge up at off-peak times when electricity rates are low (or better yet using solar power), and then discharge at peak times when electricity rates are higher.

Nissan said the Hyper family of concepts preview design and technologies bound for upcoming production EVs. Nissan has a very limited EV lineup at present but plans to offer 19 spread across the Nissan and Infiniti brands by the time 2030 rolls around.

The automaker hasn’t said what its future EV portfolio will look like, though a range of crossovers and possibly a sedan or two is likely for the U.S. A pickup truck for the U.S. is reportedly also under consideration.

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