Nissan Hyper Tourer concept hints at electric minivan

Nissan is committed to launching at least 19 electric vehicles across its Nissan and Infiniti brands by 2030, and the automaker has been rolling out multiple concepts in recent years to explore potential designs and technology.

The latest is a series of four concepts set to debut this month at the 2023 Tokyo auto show. One of the concepts was revealed on Tuesday as the Hyper Tourer, a compact minivan that would be ideal for exploring urban landscapes as well as making the occasional road trip.

It joins the previously revealed Hyper Urban crossover and Hyper Adventure rugged SUV in the new concept family.

The Hyper Tourer is all about interior refinement. Premium materials are used throughout the cabin and are joined by accents designed using traditional Japanese patterns known as Kumiko and Koushi. An AI system also monitors occupants’ biometric signs, including brain waves, heart rate, breathing, and perspiration, and can automatically select music and lighting to fit the mood.

Nissan Hyper Tourer concept

Nissan Hyper Tourer concept

Nissan is short on technical details apart from their being a low center of gravity resulting from a high-capacity solid-state battery in the floor, as well as an all-wheel-drive system with the automaker’s e-4ORCE torque vectoring system.

The automaker also said there’s bidirectional charging and a high level of self-driving capabiltiy. When in self-driving mode, the front-seat passengers have the option of rotating their chairs 180 degrees to face the rear-seat passengers in a lounge-like setting.

Nissan will reveal the fourth and final member of its Hyper family of EV concepts before the start of the Tokyo auto show. The show opens to the media on Oct. 25.

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