Nissan reveals EV concept designed for influencers

Nissan on Thursday revealed the Hyper Punk electric crossover as the fourth and final member of its Hyper family of EV concepts bound for this month’s 2023 Tokyo auto show.

It joins the previously revealed Hyper Urban crossover, Hyper Tourer minivan, and Hyper Adventure rugged SUV in the new concept family.

The concepts don’t preview any specific production models but convey potential design and technology pathways for Nissan’s future EVs. The automaker plans to roll out 19 EVs across its Nissan and Infiniti brands by 2030.

The Hyper Punk has been designed for creative types, according to Nissan, with the automaker specifically mentioning artists, content creators, and influencers. As a result there are plenty of connectivity options, as well as onboard cameras to capture scenes from both inside and outside the car.

Nissan Hyper Punk concept

Nissan Hyper Punk concept

An AI system can be used to change the captured scenes into manga-style artwork. The AI also works with headrest biosensors designed to detect the mood of the driver. Using data such as body temperature, plus pulse and breathing rates, the AI can then adjust the audio and lighting settings to suit.

Nissan has also included bidirectional charging, ensuring a content creator’s mobile devices can remain charged and ready to go.

The Hyper Punk looks to be the least likely of the concepts to influence a future production model, but elements like the wheel patterns, polygonal surfaces, and light units flush with the body surface could be something we see in Nissan’s showrooms one day.

Following the debut of the concepts at the Tokyo auto show, which opens to the media on Oct. 25, Nissan’s concepts will be made available in the popular online game “Fortnite.”

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