Opel previews new Insignia Grand Sport’s chassis technology

Opel is working on a new generation of its Insignia mid-size sedan, a version of which will eventually make it into Buick showrooms as the 2018 Regal and into Holden showrooms as the 2018 Commodore.

The outgoing Insignia is already a competent handler, particularly in OPC trim, but Opel engineers are hard at work fine-tuning the chassis of the redesigned model to take things to the next level—including testing it on the Nürburgring.

They have a great starting point thanks to the car’s E2XX platform, which has allowed them to shave off as much as 385 pounds compared to the outgoing model. At the same time, the track has been widened by 0.43 inches and the wheelbase stretched by 3.6 in.

The roof has also been lowered by 1.1 in, and the seating position by the same amount, helping to achieve a sportier, more connected feel from behind the wheel.