Original Mercedes 300 SL supplier brings back car's famed checkered upholstery

When it comes to restoring a classic car, many owners will jump through hoops to track down original parts and components. Sometimes, intricate details like interior finishings just don’t exist anymore. Mercedes-Benz is doing 300SL owners a major solid by working with the car’s original supplier to begin producing the checkered upholstery that featured in the original coupes and roadsters. 

The fabrics, which will still go by their original code numbers, will be produced according to factory specifications with 100 percent wool yarn. Mercedes-Benz worked closely with the supplier and its design department to ensure the original pattern is replicated precisely and will come in the three original color combinations: blue/gray, red/green, and green/beige.

1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL with chassis number #198 040 4500003, the first of the gullwings

1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL with chassis number #198 040 4500003, the first of the gullwings

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The company said in the announcement on Tuesday that nearly 80 percent of the 300SL models produced between 1954 and 1957 with the fabric interior sport the blue/gray checkered design. The design can be found on the 300SL’s backrests, seat side bolsters, and seatbacks. Mercedes also offered leather upholstery at the time for an additional charge.

The red/green pattern was the second-most-popular choice with 14 percent of 300SLs wearing it, while the green/beige is quite uncommon. Just 6 percent of the sports cars wear the pattern.

Mercedes’ supplier will adhere to the strict quality controls when producing the material, which means buyers will receive four-ply double-weave twill. It’s also odor-neutral, a natural property of wool.

Buyers must order the upholstery by the meter, which costs $227 per meter. Depending on your region, it can be ordered directly from Mercedes or at a dealer.

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