Pair of Jaguar XJ220s fetch a combined $818,000 at auction

Not one, but two Jaguar XJ220 supercars graced the Silverstone Auctions British Marques and Classic Car sale on Saturday in the United Kingdom and fetched a combined 637,500 British pounds (approximately $818,000) in the process.

The Jaguar XJ220 was a world-beater during its heyday in the early 1990s. It even set a record for the world’s fastest production car in 1992, though was soon overshadowed by the McLaren F1 which arrived just as the Jaguar set its record. In the end, Jaguar only managed to build a few hundred examples, making the XJ220 a rare bird indeed.

The two examples that went up for auction included a 1997 left-hand-drive model with 12,700 miles and a 1995 right-hand-drive model with only 700 miles.

1997 Jaguar XJ220 at Silverstone Auctions

1997 Jaguar XJ220 at Silverstone Auctions

The 1997 XJ220 is finished in Spa Silver and managed to sell for $385,000. According to the consignment information, it received nearly $65,000 worth of restoration work. Jaguar Classic Works oversaw the restoration and every detail is documented with the car’s files.

As for the 1995 XJ220, it features a Le Mans Blue finish and sold for $433,000. The car was discovered in a private collection in Malaysia and was brought back to the factory for restoration. XJ220 experts at Don Law oversaw the work in 2015, which cost around $32,000.

There were other notable cars at the sale. Among the highlights were a handful of E-Type models, including a 1964 Jaguar E-type Series 1 which was sold as a restoration project for $89,000.

1964 Jaguar E-Type

1964 Jaguar E-Type

Bidding was also furious for a Mini previously owned by Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay. The car featured an unusual specification, including a bar in the trunk, Chesterfield upholstery and velvet curtains. It sold for $29,000.

And finally, a 1935 Bentley 7.4 litre V12 Special sold for an impressive $137,000.

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