Panoz DeltaWing GT Road Car Concepts Shown

DeltaWing Technology is moving forward with its plan to bring the narrow-nosed sports car to your driveway, and today showed off a full-size concept of the Panoz DeltaWing GT road car. Designed both as a two-seat GT and a four-seat model, the DeltaWing is designed to be an ultra-efficient road car that builds upon the controversial and unusual DeltaWing racing car that competed at Le Mans.
Panoz DeltaWing GT Road Car Concept Front Three Quarter 2

With its exceptionally narrow front track, light weight, and smoothly sculpted bodywork, the company estimates the Panoz DeltaWing GT could return 74 mpg highway and 54 mpg combined (even though DeltaWing has not yet picked a powertrain). The company envisions fitting an all-electric or a hybrid powertrain, or even a hydrogen fuel-cell. By virtue of the car’s aerodynamic efficiency (it has a drag coefficient of just 0.26) and low mass, DeltaWing claims the car could provide significantly greater driving range on a battery charge or tank of hydrogen than a traditional car design. The chassis is said to be able to accept “virtually any” powertrain.

Panoz DeltaWing GT Race Car Concept Front Three Quarter 1

DeltaWing Technology is also pushing ahead with development of a single-seater racing version of its sports car, with a tube-frame chassis. The company targets a curb weight of 1,800-2,000 lb, with power from a racing engine pegged at 350-400 hp, although DeltaWing hasn’t yet said what kind of engine will would be used.

DeltaWing has no confirmed plans to race its prototype yet, but says it will begin real-world testing before the end of this year to develop both the racing and the planned road-going vehicles.

Panoz DeltaWing GT Race Car Concept Front Three Quarter 2

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