Porsche Taycan Turbo S sets record for highest speed achieved by a car… indoors

Everyone is familiar with the various land speed record categories for cars, but we’re sure very few readers will be aware of the indoor category. That’s because the criteria laid out by the folks at Guinness World Records makes this particular category extremely challenging.

The vehicle needs to start at a standstill and run in a straight line within the confines of a building. And there can’t be any safety nets or open doors, meaning the vehicle also needs to come back to a stop without running out of room. Also making this a challenge is the fact that most buildings have smooth surfaces, making grip levels similar to that of driving on ice.

Despite the challenges, Porsche has managed to smash the previous record of 87 mph set in 2013 in a Ford Fiesta rally car using the Taycan Turbo S. With racing driving Leh Keen behind the wheel, the battery-electric sedan was able to hit a top speed of 102.6 mph.