Redesigned 2024 BMW X2 teased in electric guise

BMW is working on a redesign for the X2, and the automaker on Thursday released a teaser photo via social media showing the new compact crossover when viewed from the front.

The redesigned X2 is confirmed by BMW to debut later this year, and this time around there will be both gas and electric versions, the latter likely to be badged an iX2.

The teaser shows the electric version though the styling should be common to the gas version.

Prototypes spotted in the wild point to a more coupe-like shape than the current generation, whose roofline is somewhat flat.

2023 BMW iX1

2023 BMW iX1

News of the electric version isn’t a huge surprise as the new X2 is closely related to the redesigned 2023 X1 which includes its own iX1 electric option. The vehicles use BMW Group’s FAAR platform designed for compact cars and crossovers and capable of supporting gas, plug-in hybrid, and electric powertrains.

Expect the electric X2 to match the specifications of the iX1, meaning a 64.7-kwh battery and a dual-motor powertrain rated at 308 hp. It’s possible there will also be single-motor setup at some point. BMW estimates a range of 250 miles for the iX1, and buyers of the iX2 can expect something similar.

BMW hasn’t confirmed whether the iX1 or iX2 will be sold in the U.S.

In the case of the gas version, U.S. buyers can expect a repeat of the current X2’s 2.0-liter turbo-4, likely coming in X2 xDrive28i and X2 M35i grades. The same grades in the X1 deliver 241 hp and 312 hp, respectively.

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