Redesigned 2025 Audi Q3 spotted for first time

A prototype for the next generation of Audi’s Q3 compact crossover has been spotted for the first time, and it already appears to be at a late stage of development judging by the thin camouflage gear and production-bound lights fitted to the vehicle.

The current second-generation Q3 arrived in 2018 as a 2019 model. The redesigned third-generation model is expected to make its debut late next year or in early 2025, meaning it should arrive in the U.S. as a 2025 or possibly a 2026 model.

The new Q3 appears to feature similar proportions to the current model, which makes sense as the two vehicles will share a platform, in this case Volkswagen Group’s MQB, though the new Q3 will get an updated version of the platform known as MQB Evo.

The rest of the design is unique, with the new Q3 featuring split headlights with thin daytime running lights similar to what Audi plans for the upcoming Q6 E-Tron electric compact crossover. The grille mesh is also a new design for Audi. At the rear is a light strip that marks a new motif for the Q3.

2025 Audi Q3 spy shots - Photo credit: Baldauf

2025 Audi Q3 spy shots – Photo credit: Baldauf

The prototype features a plug-in hybrid powertrain, with the charging port mounted on the driver side front fender. A mild-hybrid powertrain may be offered, though Audi hasn’t detailed any plans for the vehicle yet.

A future RS Q3 with a 2.5-liter turbo-5 should also be coming, likely as one last hurrah for the engine. Audi in 2021 said that beyond 2026, it will no longer launch cars with internal-combustion engines.

A more coupe-like Q3 Sportback should also be in the pipeline. Audi has never sold the current Q3 Sportback in the U.S., and it isn’t clear whether that will also be the case for the new model.

In other markets, the new Q3 will spawn related models at fellow Volkswagen Group brands Cupra, Skoda, and Volkswagen. The first of these will be a Cupra Terramar, which was previewed last year by a concept of the same name.

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