Report: 2016 Ford Focus RS Could Spawn Hotter Variant

The world is having a hard time waiting for the new Ford Focus RS to hit dealer lots. The superhatch has riled up the enthusiast base with what essentially is a roadgoing rallycar, with all-wheel drive, forced induction, and a host of go-fast goodies that set the Focus up to be one of the hottest performance hatches around. Now, a new report from Autocar outlines the possibility for an even hotter and gnarlier version of the RS.
According to the report, the rumored ghost-pepper-hot Focus RS won’t make too many changes under the hood, as the 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 350 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque is already near its performance limit in terms of cooling. Look for the brunt of the extra get-up-and-go to come from extensive reductions in weight, R-spec tires, an uprated suspension, carbon-ceramic brakes, and the removal of the rear seats.
2016 Ford Focus RS Rear Three Quarter1

Autocar also references the inclusion of a dual-clutch gearbox to replace the standard car’s six-speed manual, and special modifications made to the all-wheel drive system to compensate for both the transmission and the weight loss. Price would likely see a substantial price hike over its standard price tag of around $36,000.

Stay tuned for more information after the 2016 Ford Focus RS hits our shores to see if this even more hardcore variant comes to fruition.

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