Report: BMW and Lexus Join Forces for 800-HP Supercar by 2020?

We know that BMW’s partnership with Toyota will likely yield a successor to the celebrated Supra as well as the new Z5 sports car, but that was supposed to be merely Phase I of the collaboration. Phase II, a very high-end performance project dubbed Silk Road, was last reported to be on hold. A new rumor from Auto Express says the supercar endeavor is still a go, with an all-wheel-drive mid-engine prototype with 800-odd-hp on the horizon, and a launch date of 2020.
2018 Bmw Z5 Rendering Front Three Quarter

Echoing the arrangement predicted for the smaller-scale Supra/Z5 sports car, Toyota is said to be providing the plug-in hybrid technology and twin electric motors that will drive the supercar’s front wheels. The rear wheels will use one of two gasoline powerplants: BMW would supply a bespoke M-engineered twin-turbo inline-six, while the Lexus variant would get its 3.7-liter V-8 (detuned to 513 hp) for Toyota’s TS040 Le Mans racer. According to AE, both models will use an aluminum spaceframe and carbon fiber tub.
Toyota FT 1 Concept Three Quarter Quarter

The anonymous source claims that “While 1,000bhp is possible, fuel consumption, emissions and engine tolerances will see a more realistic figure of 800bhp targeted.” AE also anticipates a starting price in the UK of £160,000, or about $240,000. This estimate jives with earlier reports that the successor to the $375,000 Lexus LFA would arrive at a more accessible price point.
This is now the second BMW supercar prediction we’ve encountered lately. Our own European bureau chief Georg Kacher reports that BMW wants to make a McLaren 650S-based supercar with a quad-turbo, 750-hp V-8 displacing 4.0 liters. It would hit dealerships by 2019 with a starting price generously north of $225,000.
BMW McLaren Supercar Rendering Front Three Quarter

Neither of these projects are a sure bet, but there’s no way they’ll both happen, especially given the overlaps in price and timeline. Wherever the Roundel falls, be it on a Lexus or a McLaren, what’s clear is that BMW has its heart set on a supercar that has the potential to blow us away.

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