Report: Dodge Barracuda, Next Charger, Jeep Track Hawk Previewed

Fiat Chrysler dealers at a recent conference in Las Vegas got to see some of the company’s most exciting future products, including the next Dodge Charger, a Dodge Barracuda convertible, a Hellcat-powered Jeep Grand Cherokee, and an Alfa Romeo SUV. Automotive News reports that the models were shown to dealers as a preview of the future vehicles.
The next-generation Dodge Charger will ride on the same flexible, rear-wheel-drive platform as the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Back in 2014, Dodge revealed that the Charger and Challenger would both be redesigned in 2018. The new Charger shown in Las Vegas reportedly looked like the 1999 Dodge Charger R/T concept (pictured). That car will reportedly be accompanied by a Dodge Barracuda convertible, also based on the Giulia’s rear-drive platform. The Barracuda could possibly be the replacement for today’s Challenger.
1999 Dodge Charger RT Concept Front Three Quarter Studio

Fiat Chrysler officials also reportedly showed off the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Track Hawk. Powered by the company’s famous 707-hp, 6.2-liter supercharged Hellcat V-8 engine, the Track Hawk would reportedly rocket to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Dodge hadn’t ever shown that vehicle on its five-year plan slides, instead hinting at a smaller high-performance crossover with a turbocharged engine. Jeep had planned on a major update to the Grand Cherokee for late 2017.

An FCA spokesman said the company couldn’t comment on the report.

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