Report: VW Could Replace Affected Diesel Cars With Brand New Ones

According the Bloomberg, fully replacing vehicles is an extreme measure, but not one that’s off the table. Although fixes will depend on the Volkswagen diesel model in question, there are a few possible options. Changes could be as simple and cheap as €22 ($20), or as pricey as €10,000 ($11,266). Some of these include a larger catalytic converters for the smaller engines, or more frequent urea fill-ups for the larger 2.0-liter diesels.
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VW still has not said how or if these fixes will affect fuel economy and performance. And although the defeat devices were designed to beat U.S. emissions tests, the software included on the European cars (which constitute the bulk of diesels VW has sold) may not have ever been activated. Newer Volkswagen diesels are engineered for Euro 6 emissions standards, whereas the affected EA 189 diesels from 2007-2015 are made to meet older Euro 5 standards.

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CEO promises swift action

New CEO Matthias Muller recently addressed VW’s Wolfsburg factory employees in a works meeting, promising “swift and relentless clarification” over the diesel scandal. “In many instances a software update will be sufficient,” said Muller. “Some vehicles, however, will also require hardware modifications. We will keep our customers constantly informed about the measures and arrange workshop appointments.

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“But in this situation, where we are dealing with four brands and many model variants, care is even more important than speed.”

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