Rezvani teases Beast Alpha’s ‘sidewinder’ doors

In 2015, we got the chance to jump behind the wheel of a coachbuilt car based on the Ariel Atom that was called the Beast.

The car is produced by California’s Rezvani Motors, which bears the name of company founder Ferris Rezvani, and already there are versions offering 300, 500 and even 700 horsepower.

All of the cars so far have been open-top models. Now, though, Rezvani is teasing an enclosed version called the Beast Alpha. It’s due to be revealed on November 16, 2016.

The Alpha is expected to be a less punishing version of the Beast complete with mod cons such as air conditioning, power locks and windows, and traction and stability control. There is also expected to be a targa-style roof with a removable panel.

But since the original Beast didn’t feature any doors (you get in by stepping onto the seat and then sliding in), Rezvani required a new solution for the Alpha. A teaser photo shows what the company calls a “sidewinder” door. The door looks to be mounted on a sliding hinge and will likely function much like a minivan’s main door, albeit opening outwards and moving forward instead of reverse.

Unfortunately, we have no clue what will power the Alpha, however, we do know that other Beast models utilize a Honda 2.0-liter inline-4 with a supercharger bolted on. A 6-speed manual is standard but a sequential setup with paddle shifters is available.

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